"Increase sales by 100%. Reduce costs by 90%. Reduce time by 50%."


We're not kidding about the benefits above. Jakob Nielsen's analysis of 42 websites found that usability projects increased sales by an average of 100% (traffic by 150% and productivity by 161%). American Airlines reduced development costs by 90% by making corrections during the design phase (Mayhew & Bias, 1994). And Forrester report that one high tech company cut development time by 50% (Forrester, 1998).

How does it work? User Testing helps designers create simple products. Simple products are cheaper and faster to build. Simple products are easier to use and easier to maintain. Here's how we do it:


Eye Tracking

Experience your site through the eyes of your users. Find out where they look and what they miss.
When: Any time during the project.
Duration: 5 - 10 days.
See a video of Eye Tracking in action.

Usability Inspections

A quick and inexpensive way to eradicate 20%+ of your design's usability problems in a couple of weeks.
When: Any time during the project.
Duration: 1 day - 4 weeks (depending on scope of review).

User Testing

The only way to determine real user problems. Pinpoint 80% of your design's usability problems in a month.
When: Any time, but the earlier the better.
Duration: 5 days - 6 weeks.

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