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Colour Blindness Simulator

These are the results of your colour blindness simulation.


This is the image you uploaded.


This is how your image may appear to a person with tritanopia.

Tritanopia is a very rare form of colour blindness, occuring in less than 0.003% of males and females. You may like to simulate how someone with protanopia or deuteranopia views your image.

Simulate another

Use our Colour Blindness Simulator to reveal how your images may appear to users with a variety of colour blindness conditions. Upload a JPEG image of no more than 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels (100 KB filesize or less) to see how colour blind users may see it.

Want to upload a larger image or see how a website looks?

About our Colour Blindness Simulator

This is a new tool and therefore remains a work in progress. We'd appreciate your comments, good or bad. Contact us to tell us what you think.

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