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Scent Rhythm 17 Mar 2014

Scent Rhythm is "a timekeeping device that maps relational olfactory sequences to the body's circadian cycle". In other words, it administers "fragrance+supplement concoctions" at various points in the day "to promote the production of certain neurotransmitters" - for example, it emits chamomile+melatonin at night (as you sleep) and espresso+caffeine in the morning (as you awaken).

The video below shows the process of setting a new "scent cycle" by clicking the button to cycle through the four atomisers. The first atomiser is associated with "sleep" (the period of the day during which you are asleep), the second with "awaken" (the period during which you are waking up), the third with "active" (the period during which you are doing stuff) and the fourth with "rest" (the period during which you are winding down for the evening).

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