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ANNOUNCING: Etre Touchy and Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves - Last order dates for Christmas 9 Dec 2011

Just a quick note to let you know about our last order dates for Christmas.

Please order before the (fast-approaching) dates listed below if you'd like your luxurious wool, cashmere or leather gloves to arrive in time for the big day:

For orders to be delivered within Western Europe (except the United Kingdom)

Please place your order before Monday, 12th December.

For orders to be delivered within the United Kingdom

Please place your order before Tuesday, 20th December.

For orders to be delivered elsewhere

Please see the shipping information on our site (Etre Shop).

Ready to order?

Then head on over to Etre Shop!

Since the world's postal services are (rather frustratingly) outside of our control, please place your order as far in advance of the appropriate date as possible so as to avoid disappointment.

Happy Holidays!

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