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BOOK NOW AND SAVE: Steve Krug, Lou Rosenfeld and Anders Ramsay at Etre Get Together 2011 9 Sep 2011

Just a quick note to remind you that if you book tickets to our upcoming Etre Get Together with Steve Krug, Lou Rosenfeld and Anders Ramsay BEFORE MIDNIGHT TODAY, you can SAVE UP TO £650* PER PERSON!

But wait! That's not all...Because, you'll also receive a FREE copy of SnagIt from Techsmith; and on each day that you attend, you'll have a chance to win one copy of Morae (worth £1,152) and eight Rosenfeld Media books. (More goodies to be announced soon.)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

* Based on on-the-day registration for all three workshops.

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