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Unusual toothbrushes 23 Mar 2011

I recently had the pleasure of a night at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, where the reception staff equiped me with a wallet of disposable toiletries to see me through my stay. Among these was a cheap, very ordinary-looking plastic toothbrush - but no paste. My mime routine, asking where I could get toothpaste from (as I don't speak Japanese), brought a few laughs from the staff... It turned out that a tablet of dehydrated toothpaste was cleverly concealed (and ready-to-go) at the base of the brush bristles. All I needed to do was rinse it under a tap and start brushing!

These unusual toothbrush designs reminded me of the experience - and demonstrate some interesting ideas in the pursuit of good dental hygiene.

This toothbrush redirects a fountain of water to your lips for ease of rinsing, when held in the flow of a running tap.

This folding toothbrush design is certainly convenient for travel.

The slot in the handle of this toothbrush helps squeeze the last drop of paste from the tube!

[Via Toxel]

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