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Etre Touchy + FIVEPOINT Update: The Gadget Show! 16 Mar 2011

Yay! Both our Etre Touchy gloves and our FIVEPOINT gloves appeared on FIVE's The Gadget Show on Monday!

In case you missed it, the show revolved around a challenge that saw presenters Jon Bentley and Pollyanna Woodward embark upon a mission to find out which "chunk of sexy gadget gorgeousness should be crowned King of the Smartphones".

In the first part of the challenge, Polly tested the usability of the various phones while being driven around a race track at high speed - with a Touchy-clad Jon monitoring her progress using his phone and stopwatch.

In the final part of the challenge, Jon and a FIVEPOINT-clad Polly had to track down some new threads and then race across Birmingham using the apps on their respective phones.

At the time of writing, you can watch the challenge in full on FIVE's website.

See also: Etre Touchy's appearance on the Gadget show last year!

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