"Reaction [beta]"

Android in action 30 May 2008

As you no doubt already know, Google showed off its near-complete mobile software system - "Android" - at its annual developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Sadly, we were unable to make it, but if these videos from Android Community are anything to go by, it looks pretty darned impressive...

The first video provides an overview of the system's user interface and menu structure; highlighting its touch-screen's responsiveness to all manner of taps, swipes and sliding of the fingers:

The second video demos an Android-optimised version of Google Street View - wherein interaction with the phone's built-in compass allows users to pan around a location-based image by simply turning around in physical space. Looks like augmented reality is here folks!

The third video shows a port of Pacman - created as part of Google's Android Developers Challenge, and intended to encourage programmers to start building stuff for the platform:

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