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Pre-calculated tips on restaurant receipts 22 Feb 2008

A receipt with tipping suggestions listed at the bottom. They read: '15% = $7.30, 18% = $8.76, 20% = $9.73'.

I've seen this a lot in the US of States, but not so much here in the UK (probably because tipping isn't so ingrained in our culture). What am I rambling on about? Pre-calculated tips - the suggested tipping amounts that restauranteurs append to their receipts for the benefit of their mathematically-challenged customers. (In the example above, patrons even have the choice of three levels of benevolence!)

On the face of it, these additions seem to increase the "usability" of the experience of dining out (No more embarrassment for the person paying the bill, who usually attempts to crunch the numbers, panics, and then gives the waiter a handful of random loose change, before making a sharp exit!). But do they make the experience more "user friendly"? Perhaps you find them insulting or simply unnecessary? Let us know in the comments section below...

Something else to consider: Wouldn't it be nice if receipts showed you how much it would cost each person if everyone split the bill evenly?

[via SAKUZAKU / Manny Hernandez]

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