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Japan's child-friendly trains 10 Dec 2007

What appears to be a 'room' with wooden candy-striped floors and units stuffed with toys.

Believe it or not, the photo above is of the interior of a train!

Yep, this is Japan's idea of "child-friendly public transport". The train pictured above is one of two designed by Eiji Mitooka - an artist seeking to make train travel a more comfortable experience for parents and their children. The "Omoden" ("Toy Train", in English) - pictured above - and the "Ichigo Ec" ("Strawberry Train") run on the 14.3km Kishigawa Line and contain hundreds of toys, TV screens showing cartoons, immaculately clean wooden flooring / play spaces and cots for younger children.

Here's a video of the Toy Train in transit:

More photos are available at Deputy Dog.

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