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London 2012 Olympic logo is inaccessible 12 Jun 2007

By now you've probably already heard that the video / multimedia treatments of the new logo can cause epileptic seizures (Any animation flashing in the four to 59 flashes per second range can cause seizures for photosensitive epileptics). But, as Mad.co.uk reports, these aren't the only accessibility issues:

"Sufficient contrast between fore and background is vital for colour deficient or low vision users. Having analysed each of the new brand's four colour schemes, we soon discovered that none of the colour schemes passed the colour contrast test.

"This failure makes it difficult for users to differentiate the logo from a white background and more importantly - to read the white 'London' brand on the logo itself.

"Scalability of the logo is also a concern. The individual elements of the logo become increasingly difficult to read as the size is reduced. The 'London' brand becomes almost impossible to make out because of its already limited size within the logo. While the complex shapes which make up the '2012' date become more and more difficult to distinguish as the size decreases."

As we wrote in a previous post, from a purely aesthetic perspective, both client and design agency must share the blame for the way the logo has turned out. From an accessibility perspective however, the blame must sit squarely upon Wolff Olins' shoulders.

A world-reknowned agency like WO should know accessibility guidelines inside-out. Especially when they've been commissioned by the Olympic committee. After all, if the Olympic games is about anything, it's about participation and inclusion.

It's therefore bitterly ironic that the London 2012 logo has been chosen to symbolise the Paralympics too. Fancy giving the world's most prestigious competition for disabled athletes an inaccessible logo!?!

Look: Check your own colour contrasts using our Colour Check tool.

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