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Susan Kare - design icon 5 Mar 2007

A sample from the original set of Mac OS icons

Seems like we're always mentioning the inappropriate use of iconography in our usability inspections at the moment, so we thought we'd publish a pointer to the master of icon design, Susan Kare. Susan designed the original set of icons for the Mac, before developing the "nearly-3D" (2.5D) user interface for Microsoft's Windows 3.0.

"My work has continued to be motivated by respect for, and empathy with, users of software. I believe that good icons are more akin to road signs rather than illustrations, and ideally should present an idea in a clear, concise, and memorable way."

Descendants of her groundbreaking work can still be seen in many of today's graphics applications - like the Lasso, Grabber and Paint Bucket, for example. Kare's Chicago typeface lives on as part of the iPod's UI.

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