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Five days / five heatmaps 7 May 2006

Anyone who's done any research into Eye Tracking will know that there's very little information available on the subject. So it's hardly surprising that we've been inundated with enquiries since releasing our Eye Tracking demonstration video in March. Some of you ask how the technology works, some of you want to know how long the process takes - but the most common request we've received has been for more information about the results. Put simply, you want to know what you'll get for your money and whether it will be useful to you.

So we thought we would rise to your challenge and publish the preliminary results of an internal study we've been running. Over the next five days, starting Monday, 8th May, we'll publish heatmaps from five of the sites we've tested. We'll give you our thoughts on each and hopefully you'll give us your questions, comments and analysis.

About the study

We tested 20 websites with 40 users - 20 male and 20 female - at our premises in central London. All users were between the ages of 18 and 35 years old, and all regularly used the internet. A Pentium IV-based PC computer and 17" monitor with a resolution setting of 1024 x 768 pixels were used to conduct the testing.

Users were asked simply to explore each website. (While we were only interested in their interactions with the homepage, we didn't want to artificially influence their natural browsing behaviour by constraining them to only that page).


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