"Reaction [beta]"

21 Oct 2014

Dorothy is wearable device that connects your shoes to your phone. "Simply clip the Ruby (a small connected device) into your shoe, click your heels 3 times, and you can call your phone, text your friends, and more..."

FKA twigs #throughglass
21 Oct 2014

In this concept video for Google Glass, FKA twigs uses the device to "call upon references and inspirations" and incorporate them into her performance:

What Ferris Bueller Taught Me About Interaction Design
21 Oct 2014

Erin Moore, Senior UX designer at Twitter, on "why paying attention to the world around us is actually the first step to designing great products":

20 Oct 2014

Floodwatch is "a collective ad monitoring tool for social good" (or "a Chrome extension that tracks the ads you see as you browse the internet" and presents them in mosaic form):

Modulares Interface
20 Oct 2014

Created by Florian Born, Modulares Interface is a physical UI for iPad - comprising knobs, buttons and sliders - that provides haptic feedback (for more precise input):

[via CreativeApplications.net]

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