"Reaction [beta]"

25 Jul 2014

Peleg Design's YolkPig "prefers to stay in the kitchen, sticking his nose in a bowl of eggs, sucking up the yolks and separating them from the whites! Oink!"

[via Laughing Squid]

The Swings
25 Jul 2014

An "exercise in musical cooperation" from Daily Tous Les Jours:

Why the Web is dead
25 Jul 2014

Christian Heilmann at TEDxThessaloniki:

The littleBits cloudBit
24 Jul 2014

The littleBits cloudBit is "the easiest way to snap the internet to anything" (i.e. create connected devices):

Basement Jaxx // Never Say Never
24 Jul 2014

Basement Jaxx's Twerkbot is a "bi-pedal wonder created to save mankind from losing touch with the art of dance":

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