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No Plans
15 Sep 2014

Making plans used to be simple: you would agree to meet someone at a certain time and place and then you would meet them at that time and place. Thanks to mobile phones, however, things are much more complicated nowadays...as this video from Alex Cornell points out...

[via kottke.org]

Scenes You've Seen
15 Sep 2014

Stock video company Dissolve has come up with a clever way of demonstrating the breadth/depth of its product range. In the video below, it recreates a number of scenes from blockbuster movies using its own footage:

15 Sep 2014

A whistling machine from Bildmekanik:

Power of Optics
12 Sep 2014

This Rube Goldberg Machine from Japanese high-speed optical internet service au Hikari has a interesting twist: it's powered by a single beam of light.

[via Colossal]

Butter Fingers
12 Sep 2014

An animated short by Jordan Scott takes a look at what happens when you drop "items you might not want to let slip through your fingers":

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