"Reaction [beta]"

A Tax on Bunny Rabbits
26 Nov 2014

An ascii style animation from Nathaniel Akin:

Prosthetic Technologies of Being
26 Nov 2014

Created by the Social Body Lab at OCAD University and Intel Research, Prosthetic Technologies of Being is a project that explores "how technology can extend our ability to sense our surroundings and express our emotions in a visceral way":

[via CreativeApplications.net]

Felt Storyframes
26 Nov 2014

Felt Storyframes lets you create and send personalised photos (complete with custom frames, handwritten notes, typed text, doodles and filters) in the mail:

25 Nov 2014

SCiO is "the world's first affordable molecular sensor":

A Whole New World
25 Nov 2014

A supercut of the "coolest and most outrageous" computer hacking scenes from 90s movies, as complied by Found Item Clothing:

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