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The 99-pack
1 Sep 2014

This can't be a good idea >>> Austin Beerworks and Helms Workshop have created the world's first 99-pack of beer:

[via UnderConsideration]

Introducing Project Wing
29 Aug 2014

Google's new drone-based delivery system:

Sharing Faces
29 Aug 2014

Created by Kyle McDonald, Sharing Faces is an installation that shares photos between Anyang, Korea and Yamaguchi, Japan. Stand in front of it in one of these locations and it will "match your expression and pose in realtime with photos of someone else who once stood in front of the installation":

[via CreativeApplications.net]

29 Aug 2014

TipTapTop teaches children how to wash their hands in "a new and amusing way, reducing water waste [by] up to 70%; [and] increasing sanitation and hygiene":

Computed Copy
29 Aug 2014

Devised by Nukeme, So Kanno and yang02, Computed Copy is a method of copying/remixing fashion garments via 3D scanning and fabric printing:

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