"The work was highly professional, highly relevant and delivered ahead of deadline."

About Us

We design, manage and deliver profitable user experiences. We're different from other companies you've worked with. Here's why:

We're specialists not generalists

Unlike consultancies, agencies and other "one-stop shops", we focus on a few things and do them extremely well. In those areas, we've gained deep experience and developed proven solutions that we can use to maximise the return on your web project.

We're experienced

We have delivered results for Eurostar, Rolex, Mars, Ogilvy, Nokia, Anglo American, Microsoft, British Council, Transport for London, John Lewis, Vodafone, American Express, The Law Society of England and Wales, The Health Professions Council, Camden Council - We could go on.

Our work has been featured by the BBC, NBC, ITV, CNN, The Guardian, Financial Times and more.

Our projects are overhead-free

Pay people to deliver. We don't bloat our projects with salesmen and "relationship managers" and we don't train junior consultants on your time. Call us and you'll talk with someone who's an expert at building web sites, not at selling you something else you don't need.

We tailor our approach to meet your needs

Every client is different, and each project presents a unique set of challenges. Our approach respects this. We don't try to shoehorn every project into the same "one size fits all" programme of work. Instead, we maintain a flexible toolkit of problem solving techniques that we deploy as required on a case-by-case basis.

Our deliverables are usable too

We're not about producing "shelf-ware". We produce streamlined deliverables that are as user-friendly as our designs.

We do it with you, not to you

We believe the most successful projects result from close collaboration. We're happy to work at your office with your team everyday until the project is complete.

We're about results not awards

"Most Successful Internet-based B2C-focused Website of the Week". No thanks. Unlike our counterparts, we're not interested in awards. We're interested in making your products successful and making you money.

We leave

At the end of the project we leave. Simple as that. We don't stick around for another month pestering you for follow-on work. We're confident that you'll have been impressed by us. And that, you'll call us again - when you're ready.

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American Express Camden Council John Lewis Microsoft Network Rolex

"Etre's usability and accessibility analysis identified where our websites needed improvement to meet current best practice.

Etre's report was thorough and objective. It explained problems clearly and suggested balanced solutions, giving us comprehensive information to plan around. The user experience work contained intelligent suggestions for our next steps.

The work was highly professional, highly relevant and delivered ahead of deadline."

Matthew Fellowes
Web Editor
The Law Society

"Working with Etre proved to be one of the most rewarding things we've done this year. Their insight was comprehensive, incredibly useful and, most importantly, strategic. They really get the concept of partnership and took real pains to understand our business today and where we want to be in the future."

Bronwyn Kunhardt
Co-founder and Managing Director

"We have been consistently impressed by Etre's strong technical competence and appreciation of our commercial objectives."

Jonathan Davies
Head of E-commerce